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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your Technical Innovations on Demand service work?

A: First we meet with you to identify the general nature of the technical challenge for which you want an innovative solution.  In the vicinity of Beaverton, Oregon we meet with you in person; elsewhere the meeting must be conducted over the phone.  At that meeting we identify the type of challenge, what you want to accomplish, and estimate the financial value (ROI) of achieving that goal.  Based on this information we can give you an estimated dollar-amount fee, which is based on providing at least a 500 percent return on investment.  (No royalties are involved.)

Next, our creativity and technical expert, Richard Fobes, meets with one of your engineers in at least one meeting.  At that meeting the nature of your technical challenge is clarified.  At that meeting and in subsequent phone calls or meetings we supply to the engineer diverse ideas that have the potential to solve your technical challenge.

For most projects the process of suggesting ideas continues until we have supplied at least one idea that the engineer agrees is worth developing.  In all cases the creative process is pursued until you and the engineer agree that the promised return on investment (ROI) be achieved.

The initial Technical Innovations on Demand service does not include software development or circuit design that implements the identified innovation.  Typically such engineering services are provided by your engineers.  If prototyping or development services are needed, usually we can provide them.

(If the engineer expresses interest in learning how to create useful solutions, the process of creating ideas is explained as it occurs.  This incidental training is automatically tailored to the engineer's specific needs because it does not waste time on creative approaches that the engineer and his/her co-workers have already considered.)

Q: What are your technical areas of expertise?

A: Our expertise is in diverse areas of electronics, computer software and hardware, mechanics, and physics.  Specifically we have done work in the following areas of technology:

  • Software coding and debugging in many languages, including: Perl, C++, C, JavaScript, Visual Basic, XML, HTML, CGI, SQL, SendMail, Lingo (Macromedia Director), Z80/8080 assembly, and 6800 hexadecimal machine code
  • Computer and digital operations in various environments including: UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Macintosh, VAX, embedded software (including SDKs), compiler algorithms, and device drivers.
  • Analog and digital electronics design and troubleshooting, and computer design
  • User interface design
  • Design of interactive multimedia
  • Editing of large numerical modeling software and marketing database software
  • Experience with ATCA telecom, lasers, optics, and servo mechanisms.
  • Troubleshooting IC masks made by photolithography pattern generators

Technical challenges involving biochemistry, biology, and genetics are not within our areas of technical expertise.

In general, if you have any business-related problem of any kind, even outside our areas of expertise, and other consultants have been unable to solve it, we will consider working with you to create a solution.

The more challenging, the better!

Q: What's the first step for using this service?

A: Call Richard Fobes at 503.799.5739 (Pacific time zone).

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